Texas Veterans Housing Assistance Program (VHAP)

Program Overview

Texas Veterans Land Board

In 1983, the Texas Legislature created the Veterans Land Board (VLB) Veterans Housing Assistance Program (VHAP).  This unique mortgage program will aid Texas Veterans when purchasing a home.

Eligible Texas Veterans can purchase a home with a below market low-interest loan with little or no down-payment.

Veterans, military members and their spouses may borrow up to Conventional conforming loan limit on a fixed-rate loan for 15, 20, 25 or 30 year terms*.

Veterans with a VA service-connected disability rating of 30% or greater qualify for a discounted interest rate.

Property Requirements

Homes must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the Veterans Housing Assistance Program:

  • Home must be the Veteran's primary residence located in the State of Texas
  • Home must be a single family home.  Attached, detached, condo and tome home OK
  • Duplexes or other multi-family units must have been built at least five (5) years prior to closing date
  • New homes must have Energy Star certification or HERS Index score of 75 or less
  • The home must be occupied within 60 days from closing on the purchase
  • The home must be the Veteran's primary residence for at least 3 years

Veteran Eligibility

For all Veteran Land Board programs, Veterans, military members and their spouses must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • A Legal resident of Texas on the date of the application and must meet one of the following service criteria:
    • An active duty military member
    • A member of the Texas National Guard
    • A reserve component military member having completed 20 qualifying years for retirement
    • A Veteran having served at least 90 days active duty unless discharged sooner because of service connected disability
    • Cannot be dishonorably discharged
    • A surviving spouse of a Veteran listed as missing in action or whose death was service connected

*All VLB interest rates and available discounts are subject to change at any time. VLB Base Rate is subject to adjustment on the first business day of each week. All VLB loans are subject to credit approval. 

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