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This page will give you direct access to loan officers that have chosen to solve mortgage problems for a living. After 10 years, and over 1 million visitors to this website, we've met some pretty amazing loan officers around the Country.  It is our wish that you use these resources to guide you on the path to becoming an empowered consumer.

The first step is to learn the difference between a call center, and a professional.

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Where do Expert Loan Officers Come From?

Our expert network is made up of Mortgage Professionals that have chosen the mortgage industry as a career.  

Over the years, we've built a network of professional loan officers here that openly share their experience and expertise, and are committed to putting the client first in every transaction.

Every loan officer or lender that we feature on the Website or Podcast has shown a commitment to a level of professional ethics that makes them an expert in my "expert" opinion.

I am confident that after watching the expert interviews, or speaking to a loan officer in the Network, that you will be educated and empowered, and you make more informed decisions.

Thank you for visiting!

Scott Schang
Founder, FMWH

FAQ's About the Expert Loan Officer Network

No, there is no charge for introducing you to an expert loan officer through this website.  The loan officers on this do pay a monthly fee to help us cover the costs of running the website.  That fee is not passed on to you in any way.

You can absolutely ask a question at any time.  You can always send an email to, or you can ask a question using the orange button found throughout the website.

I get this question a lot.  We are a growing community, and because we only allow loan officers into the network once we can establish that they are experts.

We currently have mortgage professionals that are licensed to do business in all 50 States.  In most cases, the expert you are introduced to will not be local to the City level.

This expert network specializes in the most up to date technology tools and systems to help make the process seamless and painless, and always a great customer experience!

A digital mortgage is simply a home loan that is assisted by the use of technology throughout the process. 

Digital automation currently exists for online loan applications, automated underwriting systems, automated income and asset verification (by connecting accounts to application), and instant underwriting approvals.

These technologies are all accessible to savvy loan officers that constantly improve upon themselves, and learn the tools and services that can create a better client experience.


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