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Finlocker Secure Financial Management - Monitor Credit Score
  • Manage Your Financial Accounts
  • Monitor and Build Your Credit
  • Track Budget and Spending Goals
  • Assess Your Home-Buying Readiness
  • Start Your Home Search

Your FinLocker financial fitness app is a  comprehensive financial management and mortgage preparedness tool designed to help you achieve your financial goals and prepare for homeownership. This app is perfect for anyone looking to take control of their finances, build wealth, and prepare for one of the biggest financial investments of their lives - buying a home.

Are you a Homeowner?  Monitor your credit, equity, and interest rates with your FinLocker financial fitness app.  Monitor home values, budget for upgrades and repairs, and build generational wealth with a purpose!

Why is FinLocker So Important?

Manage Your Financial Accounts

Get a consolidated, real-time view of your bank accounts, credit cards, auto loan, student loan, retirement, and investment accounts.

Monitor and Build Your Credit

Receive your free credit score, credit report, and credit monitoring. Use tools to improve your credit health and overcome any credit challenges. We do a soft credit check, so it will never affect your credit score.

Track Goals and Budget Your Spending

Understand what you are spending and where. Track your spending by categories and drill down into subcategories. Receive alerts if you are off track or confirmation if you are on track.

Assess Your Home-Buying Readiness

Track your progress towards mortgage eligibility and learn if you need to improve your credit score, save more towards your down payment and closing costs, or reduce your debt-to-income ratio.

Start Your Home Search

Search real estate listings ad free within our app via our private home search engine. See recently sold homes and open houses, favorite properties you like, and save your searches to get notified of new listings matching your customized search criteria. Track your own home value and equity after purchase.

And it’s really, truly FREE

No fees to create your account. No monthly or annual fees to use your account.

We don’t sell your personal and financial information to third parties without your permission.

No intrusive ads trying to sell you financial services that you don’t want or need.

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