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Is Your Home Smart Enough to Save You Money?

Smart Homes Can Pay Off Big With Savings

Smart homes are a smart idea. Even if you have trouble using the toaster, you’ve probably heard about smart gadgets by now.

  • Save On Your Water Bill
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Switches and Outlets
  • Home Security
  • Save on Insurance

Smart homes are full of these gadgets and collectively these gadgets are referred to as home automation. Smart homes makes your life easier by doing tasks for you, or by making sure that you do very little.

Most of the time it is as simple as using your smartphone. Whether it is scheduling your lights to turn off at a certain time or teaching your thermostat to only run your air conditioning during certain hours, a smart home is all about pressing the easy button.

However, smart homes can also save you a lot of money and we are going to tell you how.

Save On Your Water Bill

Do you water your lawn and garden often? That hose just spits out water carelessly, but if you get a smart sprinkler system, you can water much more intelligently. Smart sprinklers give your garden only the water that it needs using weather forecasts and zones to work more efficiently. Less water means less money spent on your water bill.

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Another great water-related gadget that will potentially save you a small fortune is a leak detector. Put one of these gadgets near your hot water heater and if it bursts, you will be notified immediately via your phone so that you can turn your water off immediately before all of that water ruins your home.

Smart Thermostats Equal Lower Energy Bills

In the old days, your heat and cooling systems would run all day long, but a smart thermostat allows you to have more control. You can turn it off and on no matter where you are and even schedule run-times to fit your lifestyle.

While you are at work, your air can stay off, but when you leave work, you can turn it on so that it is cool when you arrive. Think about all of that energy you will save. Money too.

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Smart Switches And Outlets

Our appliances are responsible for a lot of wasted energy. Just picture dollar bills with wings flying and escaping your home. You can use smart switches and outlets to get them under control. Many appliances suck energy even when they are turned off. Using smart outlets you can control these appliances and make them do what you want.

If you have a child who leaves the room light on after leaving it, no problem. Set it to go off after 5 minutes if no motion is detected. How many of us leave our wifi on after we go to bed, even though no one is online? Well, schedule it to turn off at bedtime.

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You can even save money by using smart switches to dim your lights in the later evening. This not only creates a nice atmosphere, but it also saves energy. Why leave a coffee maker turned on all day if you only drink coffee at breakfast?

Instead, schedule it to wake up when your alarm goes off so that you can enter the kitchen to a piping hot cup of Joe.

Home Security

Get the best home security system you can. It is like having insurance, which can save you a lot of money if the worst happens. Go ahead and add the figures up, I’ll wait.

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These days you no longer have to be wealthy to own one. These systems include things like motion detectors, window alarms, smart locks, outdoor lighting, and more. The cost of these systems is far outweighed by the cost of losing all of your valuables because of a home invasion.

Save On Insurance

Since a smart home is a much safer home, there are some insurance companies that will give you a discount. So the savings go beyond just energy.

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As great as it is to save all of this money, home automation also gives you peace of mind.

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