Refinances are Non-Existent, Rates are High, Your Business is Drying up...Where Do You Find New Sources of Business?

Here are the Facts...Only 4% of Online Consumers Close with the Lender That Paid for the Lead. This is a HUGE Opportunity!

Consumers DO NOT go online because they want to fill out a "lead" form. They went online because they had questions about qualifying for a mortgage.  And then THIS happened!

What They Were Expecting

  • Information about qualifying for a mortgage
  • Honest, experienced mortgage professional
  • Easy-to-understand conversation with someone that cares

What They Got

  • 72 "suspected spam" calls in the 24 hours
  • DOZENS of text messages and or voice mails
  • Ignored because loan is not "easy enough?"
  • Frustrated by inexperienced loan officer

You CAN Grow Your Business as a Second Opinion Loan Officer

Picture of Scott SchangHi, my name is Scott Schang.  I discovered a secret when I got into the mortgage business over 20 years ago.  I focused exclusively on the "turn-downs" from other loan officers by reviewing their scenarios, answering their questions, giving them a Second Opinion, and closing those loans!

The result is that I more than doubled the production of the next closest loan officer, growing my business almost exclusively off of giving Second Opinions.

Being a Second Opinion Specialist means that when consumers get tricked into filling out a "lead form" online, you're there to pick up the pieces when up to 98% land on the desk of a lazy or inexperienced "loan officer" that drops the ball or just plain sucks.

My goal is to keep consumers out of call centers and make real human connections with one mortgage professional that can help.

In 2008, during a very similar market, I built a platform for capturing Second Opinion opportunities on a much larger scale.  I built a nationwide network of other Guideline Geeks and Second Opinion Specialists.

I've been turning around "Turn-Downs" for over 20 years, and now I'm expanding this platform for other guideline geeks looking to add a new source of business today.  We are Second Opinion Specialists.

What You Will Get When You Join the SOLO Community Today

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  • Get instant access to a community of like-minded second-opinion loan officers creating content.
  • Content Masterclass - Hours of video courses sharing tips, tricks, best practices, and do-it-yourself "hacks."
  • Second Opinion Loan Officer Podcast tips, tricks, strategy, discussion, deep dives.
  • Second Opinion Loan Officer YouTube channel - Video version of the SOLO Podcast with tips, tricks, strategy, discussion & deep dives.
  • Weekly Content Suggestions and Strategies for you to swipe and share.
  • Collaborate with others that have a deep knowledge of content marketing, influencer mindset, marketing, and underwriting guidelines.
  • Upgrade to FMWH Expert Network provides monthly connections with consumers looking for a second opinion.
  • Upgrade to "Done-for-You" video production services for serious content creators looking to cast a wider net for SOLO opportunities.

Close More Loans as a Second Opinion Specialist

"Incredibly helpful and very responsive!..."

They responded to me immediately, after I posted a question through the website. What AMAZING customer service!!!...and such great advice and referrals. I highly recommend this business!

KC, Texas

"Keep up the good work!..."

Find My Way Home is a great resource for those of us inflicted with the burdens of student loans. I sent a direct email and got a very quick and helpful response. I'm grateful I found this site! Very knowledgeable and genuine in their desire to help.

Lindsay, Philadelphia

"Excellent and Informed Advice!"

Excellent and informed advice, lightning-fast response, and on a weekend, no less. I felt safe to ask delicate questions regarding my situation and I am relieved to have found this resource.

Laura, Illinois

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